I am a freelance linguist and translator qualified to postgraduate level with a BA Honours Degree in English & Linguistics and the Chartered Institute of Linguists Diploma in Translation –a gold-standard, internationally recognised, postgraduate-level qualification which recognises high level, professional translating standards.

I was born and grew up in Spain, but I have spent over half of my life in England and I am currently resident in Ireland, so I have enough knowledge of both languages to consider myself fully bilingual.

I have dedicated most of my life to the study of language, and I have what it takes to be a good translator:

  • language expertise
  • relevant subject knowledge
  • cultural awareness
  • writing skills
  • attention to detail

These can only be achieved through years of education and first-hand experience, combined with a good degree of natural ability.

In addition to my language knowledge and skills, and professional experience, I have a range of transferable skills that help me enhance my professional performance. People who I have worked with and know me well would describe me as highly organised, analytical, efficient and trustworthy.

My values are:

Commitment, Competence, Ethics, Integrity and Passion

Having grown up, lived and worked in different parts of Spain, spent many years in cosmopolitan London, and currently living in Ireland, I have become culturally sensitive and aware.

As part of my professional and intellectual development, I regularly read various types of texts both in English and in Spanish. Mostly, I enjoy reading literary fiction and specialist publications in the areas of linguistics, philosophy and psychology. I visit Spain frequently and I take advantage of some invaluable online resources, such as newspapers or professional blogs, to keep up to date with changes to my first language and stay in touch with my home culture.

For linguistic reasons as much as out of cultural and touristic interest, I spend an important part of my leisure time learning other languages such as Arabic, French, German, Greek and Italian.


My Qualifications

My Experience