My earliest memories of my interest in English translation take me back to my late teens, to the time when — as a fan of British rock and pop music — I first came across the words “Wish You Were Here”, my much-loved Pink Floyd song and album. I vividly remember how, at the time — having studied French at school and with very little knowledge of the English language and its grammar — these four words puzzled me, and I needed to understand how they could translate into Spanish as “¡Ojalá Estuvieras Aquí!”. I needed to work out why the verb “wish” had been translated as “ojalá”, an interjection, and why the verb “were”, which I only recognised as a past simple tense, had become the present subjunctive “estuvieras”. That is when I began to learn that translating consists of much more than just replacing one word in a language with its so-called equivalent in another language, and that grammar is just one of the many aspects of language that need to be taken into account.

Following many years of learning, education and professional experience in various types of businesses and fields of expertise, I decided to make my lifelong dream and goal of becoming a freelance translator a reality, and I set up Root and Stem Translations.

My business has a solid base of over 30 years of language and linguistics learning, and work experience. I have translated various types of texts and documents in all of my specialisation areas.

These, which coincide with my areas of interest and professional experience, are:
Business (General), Business Administration and Management, Education, Hospitality, Linguistics, Literature, Marketing and Market Research, Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology, and Travel & Tourism.

Having worked at management level in a customer services environment for a number of years, I have a good knowledge of the world of business, which helps me optimise the service I provide to my customers.

At present, I work solely as a translator, but below are the main details of my previously held positions, which have given me the knowledge required to carry out high quality translation work.

Education sector:

Student Recruitment and Customer Services Manager
Administrative Services Manager
Teacher of English as a Second Language
Teacher of Spanish as a Second Language

Market Research:

Data Preparation Manager
Sampling Coordinator
Telephone Interviews Supervisor
Telephone Interviewer

Bilingual PA for a Spanish import-export company.

Various catering and hospitality jobs in hotels, shops and restaurants.