What Others Say About Me

My friends call me ‘dictionary head’, not because they think I know every word in the dictionary, but because I am always looking up words.

When I do not know the meaning of a word or I am unsure on how to translate something, I will always look it up and research it there and then, no matter where I am. When I was younger and we did not have access to the Internet, I always dreamt of having a dictionary in a small electronic device that would allow me to carry all of that knowledge with me everywhere I went. Now that I can, I am constantly googling words, phrases and language queries.

Although I prefer to respect my clients‘ anonymity, what I can do is share some of the things they have said about me and my work:

Simplemente comentarte que la traducción nos ha parecido excelente‘ (This is just to let you know that we thought your translation was excellent!)

Muchísimas gracias por tu rapidez y profesionalidad.’ (Thank you so much for being so fast and professional)

Gracias por haberle puesto interés más allá de una mera traducción. Eso es algo que valoro mucho en los trabajos que haces.’ (Thank you for showing an interest beyond the translation itself. That is something I really value in the jobs you do for us)

Fast and accurate

Absolutely trustworthy

Always works with care and passion

Highly skilled

A real professional and a super nice person

A great translator. Very professional and prompt.

Kind, helpful, fast, accurate and so patient with my endless requests.’

A real translation professional